11 Oct 2016

My 2016 Onam...(ഓണം 2016)

I know its getting almost one month now while sharing this post.....

But its too great still to share....

This time also i was so lucky to celebrate Onam with its full of joy.

Lets share some snaps from the moments...





23 Feb 2016

The taste of Chennai

If you are moving to Chennai ...then you don't need to worry more about your food ...that i can guarantee you...( Please don't take this wrongly, i don't have any tie up with hotels...just joking )

Do you know why???

You will get plenty of options to choose your dishes there with outstanding taste...even i got lucky to get this experienced while i was in Chennai...

You don't need to order a costly dish to check the taste.. you can even try it from "Thairu Vada"
of less than INR 15.
"Kal dosai" and "Chatny"( spicy and coconut one ) was my favorite breakfast........that taste is still with me.

Chilly Parotta, Paneer butter Masala, mushroom fried rice,butter rotty/rice and one Lassi was our (me & my friend) dinner menu items ...   i am really missing those taste...


Please try the taste of Chennai once in life if you get a chance..

9 Feb 2016

A drive with friends would always more enjoyable - A 2015 memory

There is always some thing special on a trip with friends......
I am very grateful to 2015 for holding such a memorable trip for me...
For us it was not a trip to Kodaikanal or Munnar...it was a mixture of  jokes...incidents... challenges...stories... drive...experience...etc


That days were really awesome....




19 Jan 2016

My First Training Batch In Chennai - Tata Bss - One of my favourite batch...

I am very grateful to Tata Bss for giving the opportunity to train a batch in Chennai, because that was  my chance to earn some best friends there....

While beginning the NHT batch, they were just my trainees, but very soon they became my best buddies. But it is very interesting that we never went to an outing or Dinner during the training days (adhered to policy) but then also they became close to me.
Nothing was there as a barrier to stop that friendship bonding even My language, Location, Attitude,Training methods...nothing...nothing stops that.

We have enjoyed a lot in the training days, each day was very exciting and memorable. I went to my golden school days while on that time and i became one of them.

Naresh, Hari, Manoj, Gopi, Praveen, Jinithan, Kalpana, Amala, Sivaranjini, Deepa, Preethi, Janaki, Ranjitha, Kavery...etc.... I am proud to say that i have trained them..no these are my friends..that would be the better introduction for them and they deserve that.

Actually i got there a group of people who wants to become Software aspirants, Musicians, Film directors, Teachers... etc...these are there dreams.

While beginning the batch i was expected only 100 % throughput and 0% attrition from the batch as a trainer, but they have added 100 % true friendship also in my targets and i have achieved.

They are still with me as my friends and they are keeping me posted their each moments in life through their whats app group ''Tata Tigers''......

That days are beyond a post, beyond a page, beyond a blog.... i am realizing that we cannot define friendships completely...we have to feel it... 

Let me share more in coming posts... All the Best!!!

1 Jan 2016

A New Year with great challenges.....

I am very excited to start my first day in 2016...

But i know i am having great challenges ahead for me in this year.....but i have decided to face the challenges with determination.

2016 is going to be great year in my life if everything goes well as i have planned.

I am prepared to work harder than 2015 to make the twist in my professional life.

Hope i can welcome 2017 with a lot of achievements.......


20 Dec 2015

Family Life Vs Professional Life

My question is ...are you able to balance your family life along with your professional life???

I know most of the answers are NO, why??

We may have many reasons to be list out like...Unplanned weekly offs with out preferences, leaves are not getting sanctioned for special occasions, unable to spend time with family due to late night works, not able to concentrate on family matters due to work pressure....etc.

But i am not blindly telling that all the employers are belongs to the same category, but the most

All employers are aware about the situation but still how much extend they can sort it out.., the remedies for this are sleeping on company policies and manuals not on any actions...

I am sure that, the attrition of medium grade level employees can reduce if our employers are keeping this in mind.

All the Best!!!!!!!!

20 Nov 2015

Festivals/Celebrations in College days have any difference??

Is our celebrations in College days have any difference??.... i can say Yes...

It may be Christmas, Birthdays, Onam, Ramzan, College fests..... that celebrations are having a tremendous feel on college days, but we will realize this only when you are away from that days... now i am realizing this...

Our friends would be the main element on our all celebrations and that would make that moments more colourful.

Some snaps from my those memories.....

2011 Onam @College


2011 Christmas@ College

27 Oct 2015

A Journey of 4 Years...@ Sarabhai Institue of Science & Technology

Yes, that was a journey through the analog & digital electronics, communication devices and techniques, networking analysis, signal and image processing ...etc along with my loving friends....

I cannot consider this as a simple B tech degree course because that was a combination of friendships, incidents, commitments and celebrations...

Simply i can define: :

Bachelor of Technology (B Tech)
Duration :  4 Years
Specialization : Electronics and Communication (ECE)

Actually our college life is the best platform where we can perform, learn, identify and enjoy, that times will turn in to our most memorable days of life... yes the memorable days...

Main SIST building  (2012 view)
Infrastructure, facilities,faculties, students..every thing may changed for the last 3 years but still now i prefer for that olden days which i have alive in my memory.

22 Oct 2015

Where you forgot to perform well in your professional life... ?

Where you forgot to perform well in your professional life... have you ever think about that??

Many times ...is it? but we won't recognize it, that is the fact.

We may got many platforms to show whom we are, but we may ignore with out utilizing it well by thinking that will get a better one later, but we will realize this as a mistake only when we are hopeless to step forward.

This is same as like building a structure, if you missed to add a building block in its relevant place then that structure might not be stable and you cannot complete the task, then you will analyze about that missing block which is the reason behind the failure.

Imagine the above structure is your career, now analyze what went wrong while building your career, have you missed some thing, if yes.. then what is that????

A professional degree, a course, training programs, communication skills, better guidance....etc

we can sort n number of answers and that will differ from person to person.

Think and try to get it corrected... only you can do it....  

19 Oct 2015

Tata Business Support Services- Munnar, Kerala

As i promised earlier i am sharing some snaps of Tata Bss Munnar location...

One of the satellite center in south location, operating in a hassle-free environment

Welcome to Tata Bss Munnar

Can you believe that the below photo was captured around 2:00 PM (IST).

Parking Ground @2:00 PM covered by mist

            The below is the same above parking ground of Tata Bss , but the difference is with out mist...